About us

About us

Bleuapple Consulting is a company built on the right foundation of years of experience in multi-cultural environment with high business standard anchored on professionalism, Integrity and long business relationships to provide a range of HR, Training and Advisory services to our clients.

We work directly with some of the most established business associates and trainers overseas to provide a strategic solution to your business and business culture.

Our goal is to help organizations resource, develop their human capital, and empower the workplace to improve the right knowledge and skills required for sustainable relationship within the organization and its clients.

Bleuapple Consulting offers a unique good people management practices to help retain your best hands with solutions that show visible results to create a productive environment for your business.

Getting your people skills right involves both professionalism and persistent focus on positive behavior of the employees.

Our focus at Bleuapple Consulting is to help you fit policies and practices to suit your organization’s goals and the character of your workforce, anticipate problems, and recommend fit for purpose solutions.

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