In past years, we have had cases of employees disengagement on matters of concern (if not properly dealt with ) that may have consequently ended up affecting both internal and external clients. Failure to communicate effectively in the workplace leads to confusion and frustration.

Effective communication in the workplace is a major determinant of an organisation’s success. It is good to note that effective communication improves the business practice of an organisation. Employees can experience an increase in morale and productivity when they can communicate effectively.

Timely discussion on issues of concern around work is crucial to prevent the situation from getting bad or making it an issue to be dealt with during the appraisal period.

You want to Improve communication at work?

● Build a good and healthy relationship with your colleagues and line manager as much as it concerns the success delivery of your work engagement. You do not necessarily have to force a relationship or build unrealistic familiarity in the work environment. Having a good rapport will make approaching the line manager or colleague easier in the case of any challenging situation around your work situations.

● Different people with diverse opinions in the workplace. In any situation where you disagree with any opinion on work or you get irritated by a colleague’s job performance, never address it by being disrespectful but rather let your actions or inactions be LOGICAL AND COURTEOUS.

● Have timely discussion on issues of concern around work is crucial to prevent the situation from getting bad or making it an issue to be dealt with during the appraisal period. If you are more comfortable to discuss issues on neutral ground, don’t hesitate to suggest a comfortable or secluded place in your office.

● Ask questions around your opinion or doubts before your conclusion on any matter without criticizing the supervisor, colleague or the organisation in general

● Promptly provide information as a follow up to emails or meetings

● Are you a line-manager? keep the communication line open by explaining and clarifying your thoughts and ideas. And as a leader, your communication efforts must inspire your team as much as it educates them.

Remember if it is still the work world, your communication must always be professional!!

‘In many cases. all it takes is softening the sharp edges of cave behavior by purposely adding a few extra friendly or motivational words. thank you, good, nice work, good job, well done..”
John Gray – How to get what you want in the workplace

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