Welcome 2016

Welcome 2016

We Believe in People, Never compromise on quality delivery, we act with Integrity and Create memorable learning experiences for Individuals and Organizations.

Let us be a collaborative partner to your organizational improvement journey.

If you are planning on or currently investing in your talent, choose BleuappleConsulting as your preferred training provider to help you achieve your performance results at work by enhancing your team skill set.

It is in our best interest to partner with you collaboratively to see improved work efficiency amongst your employees

A few of our Courses for 2016 are:-

  • Taking charge of Organizational Change
  • Managing & Leading people
  • Responsibilities of a Supervisor
  • High Impact Communications
  • Communication Up and Down
  • What motivates Executives & organization team members?
  • Building Relationships and Communicating through Trust in the workplace
  • High Impact Communication Techniques
  • Executive Coaching



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Keji is a senior partner at Bleuapple consulting a HR Consulting comapny with astronomical growth where people can connect and gain. As the Senior Partner at Bleuapple consulting, she is responsible for strategic research, community management, and the analysis, packaging and use of data for to notch HR services. Keji has almost twenty years as an executive and senior HR/ Compliance Officer. She also held senior consulting and services roles with various governmental bodies and vendors ranging from large enterprise companies. Keji is also a published author, blogger.

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